Musealization of a hallway in the Fallero Museum of Valencia

iluminación led para exposiciones, museos y galerías de arte

Aisle? No, showroom.

On the second floor of the Fallero Museum of Valencia there is a hallway that everyone has to go through, because at the end of it are the services.

On its walls there remains a permanent exhibition of the posters that were awarded the second prize, with pieces almost a century old, in some cases.

A place of passage, where few people stopped to contemplate the works that surrounded them, because in addition to the pending procedure at the end of the hallway, the lighting consisted of 30W LED outdoor spotlights with a color temperature of 5000K. , which pointed to the ceiling.

This difference in illuminance between the ceiling and the exhibition area ensured low interest in the works, and indeed that space was just a passageway to the bathrooms in which there were also some posters or something like that.

In the images you can see the dramatic difference that exhibition lighting makes. Those hateful cold spotlights that pointed at the ceiling were eliminated, a rail suspended by cables was mounted, and 18 continuous spectrum LED spotlights were mounted, Casambi control technology, and occupancy sensors that attenuate the intensity of the space by up to 3% when not in use. There are visitors.

The spotlights are from Matisse Lighting of course, but that is not what I want to highlight in this post. The important thing here is the musealization work, stopping to think about the needs of the work, and doing so from the perspective of the visitor’s experience, and the architectural characteristics of the environment.

Perhaps the best thing would have been to paint the walls a different color, cover all the natural light entrances, or also if the museum had not been able to acquire new lighting fixtures, it would have recycled some of the ones it has in the warehouse, because the important thing here was that Someone would stop and think about how to properly light this space, and then look at what you could do with the available resources.

Well, the point is that the Museum has lost a hallway, but it has gained an exhibition room, because the truth is that the space seems very different.

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