Exhibition lighting installation at the La Nau Cultural Center

iluminación con focos LED en sala de exposiciones

The University of Valencia recovered the Bigues room as an exhibition space. It is a perimeter space on the top floor around a generous light patio.

The name of the room is given by the almost 500-year-old wooden beams that support the roof. As suspended electrified rails were installed, it was crucial to find harmless anchoring systems that would avoid drilling holes in the ceiling, made up of formidable wooden beams that give the room its name.

Room before the musealization work

The room was inaugurated with the exhibition ‘El millor disseny de l’any’, which highlights the relationships of the creative and productive fabrics of Valencia and Barcelona, within the framework of the celebration of the World Design Capital València 2022.

The exhibition is organized by the Foment de les Arts i del Disseny (FAD), the association of design, architecture and arts professionals of Barcelona, in collaboration with the ADCV (Association of Designers of the Valencian Community) and the University of Valencia.


The room will be used for traveling exhibitions, so flexible lighting is required that can be conveniently adapted to different openings, contours, and distances.

Along with the 60 meters of electrified rail that was installed, 60 LED technology museum spotlights were needed. The spotlights have a color rendering index (CRI) of 98, the highest on the market, and incorporate a regulation system integrated into the spotlight itself to make the work of maintenance technicians, who are the ones who illuminate the exhibitions, easier. at the La Nau Cultural Center.

Three different models of spotlights illuminate the room:

Zoom focus: with variable aperture capacity, between 20 and 60 degrees

PRO spotlight: compatible with numerous accessories that help to obtain a great result in any exhibition, honeycomb, cross, blades, swimsuit, etc.

Falco Spotlight: with a set of optics that allow you to accentuate works with elongated, square, oval, or rectangular contours.

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