LED lighting for museums and exhibition halls.

Exclusive LED products for permanent and temporary showrooms

Our innovative product series for lighting cultural spaces are made up of a series of luminaires designed, exclusively, for the lighting of Works of Art, galleries and museums, as well as for objects of high aesthetic value.

Among its many benefits, its high Color Rendering Index (CRI) stands out, since it is normally found at 98, reaching a minimum of 97 , the highest on the market, and it has a light whose spectrum is similar to what the Sun radiates but is free of harmful UV and IR radiation.

Thanks to this, the illuminated objects project a color and realism never obtained before, increasing their visual impact on the viewer compared to any other existing lighting system and improving their preventive conservation.

All our luminaires for cultural spaces have extensive optical libraries: interchangeable lenses, zoom spotlights, and a wide range of optical accessories such as wall washers or straight contours.

Modular range. The value of simplicity.

A design like the one presented here can only emerge from a formidable knowledge of the needs of exhibition spaces. With a modular guideline, our luminaires share common elements that simplify their design and manufacturing, as well as optimize their cost and delivery time.

Their accessories give them flexibility and the conveniently selected electronic components give them suitable optical characteristics for the challenges that await us in museum lighting.


Compact and avant-garde design with adjustable lighting angles and 360º rotation.


Our most successful range thanks to its 6 types of lenses and maximum homogeneity.


Ideal for traveling exhibitions with manually adjustable light angle 20º~60º.


Small, agile and powerful, with an optics library available in geometric shapes.


Compact and avant-garde design with adjustable lighting angles and 360º rotation.


Delicate design that allows you to incorporate filters to project shapes, colors or logos.

The latest in LED technology applied to the Art sector

Color Render Index 97-99

All our LED luminaires for museums offer a minimum Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 97 and typical of 99, ensuring the most accurate color reproduction.

Interchangeable optical accessories

The available solutions in our series include from very small angles (from 6º) to lighting with square and rectangular light beams, as well as lines of different sizes and proportions.

installation systems

Our modular solution allows you to create 4 different final products depending on the type of installation that best suits each room: hanging installation, surface installation, on rail or fixed.

Catalog of LED products for lighting Museums and restoration of works of Art

lighting solutions for the art sector

More than 80 full-color pages with all the information about our exclusive LED solutions for lighting works of art, museums, private collections and restoration departments.