LED lighting for art restoration

Exclusive LED products for construction restoration departments

How many restoration professionals have not encountered the unpleasant surprise of perceiving the traces of their chromatic restorations when the Work is already exhibited and completed?

What is the point of the restorer’s working light being worse than the one of the showroom?

LED product line for restorers was born after years of working with Art Works restoration professionals. We have listened and taken note of their greatest problems and needs, using that valuable information to design a product line that allows them to do their work in a more comfortable and effective way.

luminaria de restauración

How is this range of LED luminaires for restoration made?

Maximum visual performance

The light quality of the lighting line for crestoration departments is higher than the one usually found in any showroom.

Chromatic quality

Its high color rendering index improves color perception.

all colors

The LED spectrum starts at 380nm (purple) where the limit of human perception is. Ordinary LEDs start at approximately 400nm, which reduces the realism of objects that contain that color.

visual comfort

The photometric design implements diffusers that reduce glare and considerably increase visual comfort. UGR 19~23 depending on model and optical configuration.

all settings

The luminaires can be adapted to any location. They can be recessed, suspended, or fixed to the surface. Additionally, they can be mounted on a tripod and use as an auxiliary light.

All control

Regulated by numerous control protocols: Possibility of implementing occupancy and natural light sensors.


luminaria de restauración

It covers the needs of any restaurateur, unifying efficiency and comfort.


Products with clean as well as aesthetic lines and the highest chromatic quality.


Optimal and exclusive photometric characteristics with avant-garde design.

Tailor-made services and projects

We understand radiation, we understand light.

Catalog of LED products for lighting Museums and restoration of works of Art

lighting solutions for the art sector

More than 80 full-color pages with all the information about our exclusive LED solutions for lighting works of art, museums, private collections and restoration departments.