Lighting services and projects for the Art sector

We understand radiation, we understand light

Cultural spaces present interesting technological challenges. The architecture of the venue, the size of the works, the sensitivity of the heritage on display, preventive conservation guidelines and other conditions may require specific solutions that are often not found in any company’s catalogue. .

We are specialists in understanding the needs of complex projects and materializing viable proposals. for years, we have been designing all kinds of custom equipment: transilluminators of very specific wavelengths for research processes, as well as infrared and ultraviolet equipment.

Luminaires with high luminous fluxes but occupying minimal or unusual spaces, or withstand extreme working conditions. Custom-made luminaires to avoid works on Cultural Interest Assets, or to guarantee the survival of plant masses.

Application Examples

Cubic luminaires designed for a contemporary art exhibition

Luminaire to maintain plant mass camouflaged in its environment and designed to project light on a 15m high vertical garden.

Equipment to project ultraviolet radiation during healing processes

UV sterilization equipment in public transport

Medical Research Transilluminator with 675nm slides

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Catalog of LED products for lighting Museums and restoration of works of Art

lighting solutions for the art sector

More than 80 full-color pages with all the information about our exclusive LED solutions for lighting works of art, museums, private collections and restoration departments.