foco para museo

FALCO series

LED lighting for museums and exhibition halls

Presentation of the FALCO series

Small, agile and powerful. Our exclusive FALCO range is designed to adapt to any type of Exhibition.

Thanks to its extensive library of available and interchangeable optics, it greatly helps the designer who has to face heterogeneous and complex lighting.
The FALCO series offers from very small angles (starting from 6°) to lighting with a square or rectangular light beam, as well as lines of different sizes and proportions, being an ideal product to highlight sculptures and small works even if they have unusual shapes.

Main FALCO features

Museo BBAA Valencia

Catalog of LED products for lighting Museums and restoration of works of Art

lighting solutions for the art sector

More than 80 full-color pages with all the information about our exclusive LED solutions for lighting works of art, museums, private collections and restoration departments.