What control system is being implemented in museums?

This video is a simple example of what a modern control system can do in a museum.

This is a test session for an installation of our LED projectors with the integrated Casambi system.

Communication between lights is via Bluetooth, and there are 180 points installed in the Goerlich and Ferreres rooms of the Centro del Carmen Contemporary Culture, aka CCCC.

The system is scalable, and compatible with numerous brands that manufacture lighting. There is also an entire ecosystem of sensors, switches, actuators, and controllers to integrate and enrich the installation with more features.

An economical system that does not require wiring or complex installations.

When a client arrives with a prescription whose LED spotlights support DALI, it is not difficult to change their mind, since the Casambi system is significantly more practical and economical.

Given the level of implementation that this system is achieving in the lighting industry, it is not too risky to assume that Casambi is the natural successor to DALI.

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