Lighting in an Andalusian Museum: Ibáñez House Museum, Almería

iluminación en sala de museo

In the province of Almería, we find a municipality called Olula del Rio where the Ibáñez House Museum is located.

It is a formidable space, almost all of whose funds have been donated by the painter and founder of the museum Andrés García Ibáñez, an artist with an important career in contemporary Realism.

The collections are made up of the founder’s own works, as well as works by Goya, Sorolla, Cabral Bejarano, Benlliure, among many others.

The Casa Ibáñez Museum in Olula del Río is twinned with the Ibáñez Museum in Melilla, located in the historic Torre de la Vela building. An institution inaugurated in September 2012, managed by the Department of Culture of the Autonomous City and made up of a hundred works of Spanish Art, altruistically donated by Andrés García Ibáñez.

New exhibition lighting

Back at the Almería museum, the lighting in all the rooms on the ground floor has recently been renewed, for which the Cosentino Foundation, which manages the Museum, purchased Matisse Lighting brand museum spotlights.

The exhibition rooms are relatively small and have low ceilings, housing between 12 and 15 works each. The Foundation opted for a single type of luminaire, which was installed at various angles and powers according to the needs of each Work.

Realistic painting is one of the cultural expressions where there is an urgent need to have a very high chromatic fidelity. To this end, the selected museum lights meet expectations, since they have a continuous spectrum and a chromatic reproduction index. (CRI) of 98.

The selected luminaire is the Essence, a very economical museum spotlight, but with optical characteristics that fit appropriately in a permanent exhibition room.

You can get more information about this lighting equipment by clicking here.

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